Fast Cycle Platform Complete Responsive Client Content Management System

Client: Personal Project
Technologies: html5, css3, photoshop, dreamweaver, php, mysql, javascript, jquery, Yii Framework

Fully responsive front end and back end developed using PHP, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, Javascript, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Set up web space with Host Gator and published using WinSCP.

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Fast Cycle Platform Front End (Public) Website Screencaps

[fancy_images width=”290″ height=”193″]
[image caption=”Home Page” title=”Front End::Home Page” alt=”Front End::Home Page”][/image]
[image caption=”News Post” title=”Front End::News Post” alt=”Front End::News Post”][/image]
[image caption=”User Comments” title=”Front End::User Comments” alt=”Front End::User Comments”][/image]
[image caption=”Event Calendar” title=”Front End::Event Calendar” alt=”Front End::Event Calendar”][/image]
[image caption=”Event Details” title=”Front End::Event Details” alt=”Front End::Event Details”][/image]
[image caption=”Music Artists” title=”Front End::Music Artists” alt=”Front End::Music Artists”][/image]
[image caption=”Artist Details” title=”Front End::Artist Details” alt=”Front End::Artist Details”][/image]
[image caption=”Music Albums” title=”Front End::Music Albums” alt=”Front End::Music Albums”][/image]
[image caption=”Album Details” title=”Front End::Album Details” alt=”Front End::Album Details”][/image]
[image caption=”Videos” title=”Front End::Videos” alt=”Front End::Videos”][/image]
[image caption=”Video Details” title=”Front End::Video Details” alt=”Front End::Video Details”][/image]
[image caption=”Photo Galleries” title=”Front End::Photo Galleries” alt=”Front End::Photo Galleries”][/image]
[image caption=”Gallery Details” title=”Front End::Gallery Details” alt=”Front End::Gallery Details”][/image]
[image caption=”Photo View” title=”Front End::Photo View” alt=”Front End::Photo View”][/image]
[image caption=”Timeline” title=”Front End::Timeline” alt=”Front End::Timeline”][/image]