Amazon Affiliate Website Responsive Re-Design

Technologies: html, css, photoshop, dreamweaver, php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax

Removed the system from WordPress and developed my own CMS system using Amazon’s product search API. Integrated an ajax tracking system that keeps track of page views, product detail clicks and add to cart clicks. Site sends people to Amazon for the purchase of the products and the affiliate receives a percentage of the purchase. Set up web space, database, and published using WinSCP.

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ESPGuitarsOnline Front End (Public) Website Screencaps

[fancy_images width=”290″ height=”193″]
[image caption=”Footer” title=”Front End::Footer” alt=”Front End::Footer”][/image]
[image caption=”Products” title=”Front End::Products” alt=”Front End::Products”][/image]
[image caption=”Product Search” title=”Front End::Product Search” alt=”Front End::Product Search”][/image]

ESPGuitarsOnline Back End (Admin) Website Screencaps

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[image caption=”Dashboard” title=”Back End::Dashboard” alt=”Back End::Dashboard”][/image]
[image caption=”Products” title=”Back End::Products” alt=”Back End::Products”][/image]
[image caption=”Amazon Search” title=”Back End::Amazon Search” alt=”Back End::Amazon Search”][/image]
[image caption=”Search Results” title=”Back End::Search Results” alt=”Back End::Search Results”][/image]