CBS College Sports B-Line Desktop Software Email Template

CBS College Sports B-Line Desktop Software Email Template


Devised Process to Mass Produce 100 Graphics for an HTML Email Template

[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]devised a system to mass produce 100 graphics for an html email template. I used flash and php to connect to the mysql database to retrieve the stored light color and dark color and then used actionscript to create the gradient dynamically. The logo was loaded and sized with actionscript as well.

Next I published the flash file and took a screencap which I then pasted into a photoshop file. The photoshop file was pre-masked to accommodate the pasted screencaps. After all were screencapped and pasted into the photoshop file I could then select and move all of them into place at the same time.



Programs and Technologies Used:


  • Flash
  • Actionscript
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Illustrator
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS


Check out a couple examples of the email template below…
University of Southern California B*Line Email Template Demo  University of Southern California Tulane University B*Line Email Template Demo  Tulane University

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