11 Gallery Responsive Website with Full Content Management System Admin

Client: 11 Gallery, LLC
Website: http://11gallery.com
Technologies: html5, css3, photoshop, dreamweaver, php, mysql, javascript, jquery, Yii framework

Created a unique, fully responsive design front end, complete with parallax sections using PHP, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, Javascript, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop built using the Yii framework. Set up web space with Host Gator and published using WinSCP. I also integrated a custom HTML5 and JQuery Mp3 player with a Flash fallback. The admin section that is also responsive in design was built completely from scratch using the Yii framework and features a custom photo gallery creator, custom music album creator, custom timeline creator, and custom news creator. Each one of the sections allows for multiple file uploads (using the proper browser) and drag and drop ordering. There is also a band edit section that allows for members to be added, edited, and deleted complete with photo upload and bio create sections.

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